Dad to Violet and Donovan.  Husband to @shannoninottawa.  Principal at the mighty J.H. Putman Public School in Ottawa, Ontario.

My current area of interest is cultivating and harnessing the creative spirit of school communities in support of student achievement.  In an effort to cultivate my own creative spirit, I am currently writing and recording  a song cycle based around the ukulele tentatively called Pop Songs for the Plague…really poppy stuff, I swear…


2 Responses to About

  1. meliorist08 says:

    Hello Brent, I wish to congratulate you on the initiatives you have undertaken to inspire creativity and imagination in your school. You may be interested to know that Ottawa will be hosting a “Mini Maker Faire” this Fall. Here’s a link to the 2010 edition of the event: http://makerfaireottawa.com/ I would be delighted to provide you more background on this event.

  2. mc5813 says:


    I wanted to introduce you to our latest educational books for the digital classroom. Our latest book, “The Road To Greatness” highlights the hardships, failures and the eventual success of some of the greatest people ever lived. It serves as an inspiration for kids facing adversity and challenges. It also allows kids to understand that success is a result of handwork, perseverance and dedication.

    We are a young startup company creating immersive,educational books for children. Our books incorporate vivid graphics, images , video and fun activities. Each book also has a “Test your knowledge” section with quizzes. These books are also ideal for a digital classroom, library or for parents to read to their kids.

    These books are part of our “Learning Infinity” series. We have several new books in the pipeline and the information on our current books and future releases is be available at http://learninginfinity.com . Hope you find this useful and I welcome your feedback.

    Thank you for your time.

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