The (my) Kid is Alright Pt2 or Pedagogical Perspective from an 8yr old

Less of me, more of them.  A guest podcast by one of my favourite educational commentators, my son.


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Principal of a Middle School in Ottawa, Ontario Canada
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11 Responses to The (my) Kid is Alright Pt2 or Pedagogical Perspective from an 8yr old

  1. Kristin Kopra says:

    Hey–I’m likin’ this more of him guy. Very interesting stuff. Hey more of him guy–I think you should ask your teacher if perhaps you could lead a science class or two. Design your next unit of study and present it to her/him. Spring is here–I’m thinkin’ outdoor classroom….there may be some dino bones to be found in your school yard….

  2. Shannon Smih says:

    Well, of course I just love this. What a kid 🙂

  3. Erin Paynter says:

    Awesome! I think there’s a bright future for this guy, whether it’s paleontology, or even teaching! Maybe teaching paleontology… And I totally agree – it’s way more fun to do the stuff then to hear someone talk about the stuff! Great work!

  4. Cheryl Arnett says:

    Great comments and observations! This was delightful and motivating! Thank you for sharing your incredible words of wisdom!

  5. Maureen Parker says:

    Wisdom of the ages! Thanks for sharing student voice with us. Wow, he’s hit the hot button points, hasn’t he:
    – hands-on learning
    – choice as a motivator
    – access to learning supports/resources including and beyond the teacher
    – engagement
    – real world connections
    – imagination and possibility
    Everything we do as educators should retain the hope in learning. Thank you for the powerful perspective.

  6. ottawabrent says:

    Thanks for the comment, Maureen! I agree, his comments are dead on. Its hard to imagine a place for worksheets and rote learning when the kids want more.

    • Maureen says:

      Every time I have chatted with, conferenced with or interviewed students (or had the privilege of reading their writing), I have been humbled by the insights. This is a terrific example. Hear, hear on the call to shift pedagogy to support these learners!

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